Say the Name Competition

We want YOU to send us YOUR attempts at saying the name! - Sound Files or Videos

***** Scroll down to listen-to and vote-on soundfiles already submitted - Sean Connery is in the lead ! *****

So, if you think you're a bit of a wiz at Welsh, or impersonations, or know someone who thinks they know how to say it, get recording and show us what you can do !
Selected sound or video files will be placed on this page. Sending us a file implies your permission to make it public and acceptance of our Terms.
Please note that we do not upload certain videos of children, so some videos may be converted to sound-only at our discretion. All submissions are subject to our Terms.
Be as creative as you like, impressions of famous people are encouraged. We've included a few below, just to get you started. We are looking out for Pronunciation Quality and / or Entertainment Value* !

Please send your files as email attachments, and include details of your name, where you live (county / state and country) and also your age (if you are under 18 or over 90) to :


Voice impersonations of well-known celebrities, politicians, etc., such as Boris Johnson, Queen Elizabeth, King Charles, Margaret Thatcher, Donald Trump, Liz Truss, John Wayne, Mick Dundee, Jonathan Ross ... ???
See what you can do !
Here are some of the best soundfile submissions received :

Featured Sound File 20

Sean Connery

- or is it Iwan Jones from Ruthin ?


Featured Sound File 22

Winston Churchill

- or is it Derek Roberts ?


Featured Sound File 25

James (Jimmy) Stewart

- or is it Larry Owen from Missouri ?


Featured Sound File 30


- or maybe it's Eryn from Texas ?


Featured Sound File 31

Darth Vader

- or could it be Simon Gore from Bristol, UK ?

And here is a further selection of soundfiles and videos from our visitors around the world :
Please have a listen and give them a vote !

112 (S) Juliet from Victoria, Australia   [18]
                      113 (S) Bill Blewett from Washington, USA   [7]
114 (S) Allen   [14]
                      115 (S) Edna   [3]
116 (S) Niels (Sung) from the Netherlands   [11]
                      117 (S) (young) Heather   [4]
118 (S) Helen   [6]
                      119 (S) Wendy   [4]
120 (S) Adam Portych from Warsaw, Poland   [5]
                      121 (S) Jim   [4]
122 (S) Ludwig   [4]
                      123 (S) Neil   [7]
124 (S) Nicklas   [7]
                      125 (S) Trefor   [4]
126 (S) Basil from Jülich, Germany   [4]
                      127 (S) Joash from the Caribbean   [24]
128 (S) Alex from New York, USA   [6]
                      129 (S) Sean from Iriga, Philippines   [3]
130 (S) Alexi from Melbourne, Australia   [3]
                      131 (S) Luka from Belgrade, Serbia   [10]
132 (V) Ahmed (the dog) from Saudi Arabia   [7]
                      133 (S) Luc from Beauvais, France   [3]
134 (S) Charlotte from France   [5]
                      135 (V) Rachel & friends from Alabama, USA   [18]
136 (S) Alexandra (also spoken backwards)   [2]
                      137 (S) Emily from Malta   [3]
138 (S) Laura from Belgium   [7]
                      139 (S) Luke (The Godfather?) from Sydney, Australia   [11]
140 (S) Devon from Florida, USA   [10]
                      141 (S) Alexa from Georgia   [10]
142 (S) Brian from California, USA   [3]
                      143 (S) Sofia from Virginia, USA   [4]
144 (S) Jack from India   [2]
                      145 (S) Aisha from Winnipeg, Canada   [4]
146 (V) Somaya from Saudi Arabia (on visit)   [5]
                      147 (S) Adam from New York, USA   [4]
148 (V) Mahmud from Anaheim, California. USA   [5]
                      149 (S) Leningrado from Pernambuco, Brazil   [5]
150 (S) Cooper from USA   [2]
                      151 (S) Amelia from Florida, USA   [2]
152 (S) Calleigh from Canada   [2]
                      153 (S) Clipper from Puerto Rico, USA   [2]
154 (S) Matthew from Virginia, USA   [2]
                      155 (S) Riddhirup Dass from India   [2]
156 (S) Microsoft Hazel VoiceGen (British) from Online   [-1]
                      157 (S) Microsoft David VoiceGen (American) from Online   [1]
158 (V) Bill from Canada   [3]
                      159 (S) Theresa from Germany   [1]
160 (S) Charlie   [2]
                      161 (S) Alexander from Stockholm, Sweden   [2]

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