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    We want you to send us YOUR attempts at saying the name! - Sound Files or Videos

    So, if you think you're a bit of a wiz at Welsh, or know someone who thinks they know how to say it, get recording and show us what you can do !
    Selected sound files will be placed on this page, and sending us a file implies your permission to make it public.
    Please note that we do not upload photos or videos of young children, so any such videos received that may be selected will be converted to sound-only for uploading.

    Be as creative as you like, impressions of famous people are encouraged. We've included a few below, just to get you started.
    We are looking out for Pronunciation Quality and / or Entertainment Value !

    Please send your files as email attachments
    including your first name and location (county or state and country) to :

    Go on, have a go!

    Here are some of the best soundfile submissions received :

    Featured Sound File 1

    Sean Connery

    - or is it Iwan Jones from Ruthin ? [mp3]

    Featured Sound File 2

    Winston Churchill

    - or is it Derek Roberts ? [wav]


    Featured Sound File 3

    James (Jimmy) Stewart

    - or is it Larry Owen from Missouri ? [mp3]

    Featured Sound File 4


    - or maybe it's Eryn from Texas ? [wav]

    And here is a further selection from our visitors around the world :

    112 : Sound File : Juliet from Victoria, Australia     113 : Sound File : Bill Blewett from Washington, USA
    114 : Sound File : Allen     115 : Sound File : Edna
    116 : Sound File : Niels (Sung) from the Netherlands     117 : Sound File : (young) Heather
    118 : Sound File : Helen     119 : Sound File : Wendy
    120 : Sound File : Adam Portych from Warsaw, Poland     121 : Sound File : Jim
    122 : Sound File : Ludwig     123 : Sound File : Neil
    124 : Sound File : Nicklas     125 : Sound File : Trefor
    126 : Sound File : Basil from Jülich, Germany     127 : Sound File : Joash from the Caribbean
    128 : Sound File : Alex from New York, USA     129 : Sound File : Sean from the Philippines
    130 : Sound File : Alexi from Melbourne, Australia     131 : Sound File : Luka from Belgrade, Serbia
    132 : Video File  : Ahmed from Saudi Arabia     133 : Sound File : Luc from Beauvais, France
    134 : Sound File : Charlotte from France     135 : Video File  : Rachel & friends from Alabama, USA

    We are particularly interested in hearing the name (impersonated) by the Queen, Boris Johnson, Donald Trump, Theresa May, Tony Blair, Terry Wogan, Margaret Thatcher, Bob Geldof, Prince Charles, Barack Obama, the Dalai Lama, Andy Murray, or any other interesting personalities !


    First, here's a great Youtube video by Carlos Manwelly from South Wales :

    Then we have the Jonathan Ross Show :

    Then we have a humorous (scary ?) video from Bill in Canada :

    And a Public Speaking lesson at a school in Alabama :

    Naomi Watts on Jimmy Kimmel Live :

    The (now famous) Weather Report by Liam Dutton :

    How did the staff from Huffington Post do ? :

    Video by Clovis the Vampire :

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